Sushant K. Gupta

Keen learner and an ardent coder. Love to tinker with algorithms and strive to improve on them. Hands on experience with Distributed Systems, Android Development, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Networking & Cybersecurity.

Software Engineer | Google LLC, Mountain View, US (25 Oct ‘21 – )

Working on a copy service to distribute Ads data globally. Current project includes improving the end-to-end delay latency.

Software Engineer | Google India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India (20 Jan ‘20 – 24 Oct ‘21)

Worked on a distributed system that serves Ads Landing Pages (built from customer data) to the end users. The system is globally-distributed and highly available. Primarily I led the projects on the serving side of the system. Major projects include:

Software Engineer | Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India (26 May ‘19 – 17 Jan ‘20)

Worked for the Office Android team to develop highly scalable Android apps and Web services. Contributed in the following areas:

Software Engineering Intern | Microsoft India R&D Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad (14 May ‘18 – 6 Jul ‘18)

Worked on a prototype system to automate the process of background verification of employees. The system was conceptualized using Blockchain and Cryptography.

Bachelor of Engineering | Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (27 Jul ‘15 – 15 May ‘19)