Sushant K. Gupta

Hey! Seems like you lost the way. No problem! Welcome to my corner of the web. This page is not meant for a professional introduction. These are all that I have to offer:

  • Do you seek my professional introduction? Here's my Resume.
  • Do you wish to see the stuffs that I am currently working on in the field of computer science? Please check out this blog.
  • I am also an amateur guitarist, sketcher and a writer. Here is where I publish my works.
  • There are some things that I am not at all proud of. Still, they exist here.
  • Some more places to find me:
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  • Would you like to get in touch? Use this form or dowload my public key [SHA1: 2f36c21c51171119cf3e584aac7fc557c0ac4baf] and drop me an email.